High School Menus

All meals include a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable choices, and a variety of chilled non-fat or low-fat milk. Additionally, we offer locally-grown items whenever seasonally available.

On the Menu

2022/2023 Menus

October Nutrition Newsletter

2022-2023 High School Breakfast Menu

2022-2023 High School Breakfast Menu (Starting October 3, 2022)

High School Lunch Menu (September 19-23)

High School Lunch Menu (September 26-30)

High School Lunch Menu (October 3-7)

Can my student purchase additional items?

Extra food and beverages are available for purchase, if students have money on their account. Some of our most common items are Extra Entrée $2.60; Extra Fruit/Veggie $.80; Ice Cream $1.00; Milk $.60; Chips $1.00; Water $1.00.

How can I add funds to my students account?

You can add money to your student’s meal account by visiting www.myschoolbucks.com.

If you have questions or need help, please contact us.